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December 10, 2012
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    | December 10, 2012

    beatport_pro Available on iTunes

    Supported by : Manuel Le Saux , Philippe El Sisi, and more !

    Nu Communicate welcomes the massive ARS with a huge production called “Noble”. ARS are very well known within the EDM scene for huge productions and boy is this one of them!! This production is filled with a melody grows on you each time you hear it. The production contains a huge driving base line, a well put together key structure with an awesome all round main dance floor filler feel to it.

    « With Massive supported remix work from Immersiv, Viktor Trofimov, NU DiGTAL Label Manager Rich Smith, 15th SINE, B-Fairy, Dave Nadz & LeBlanc and who is known for his powerful productions. It’s another big one!!! Enjoy!! »
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